How to Protect Your Floors From Furniture Marks

How to Protect Your Floors From Furniture Marks

Two Tips for People Who Need Replacement Chair Covers

Leslie Fleming

Here are two tips for those who'll be buying replacement chair covers.

They should look for covers that are very stretchy

Most replacement chair covers are made of materials with some degree of elasticity. However, the percentage of the material that is comprised of elastic fabric will vary from one chair cover to another. It's important for those who've found some replacement covers that they like to check how elastic the fabric they're made from is. If they choose covers that have plenty of stretch to them, these covers will be a lot easier to get onto their chairs. This is particularly important if they're buying covers for big, overstuffed armchairs, which could be very challenging and frustrating to put less stretchy covers on.

Furthermore, replacement chair covers with lots of elasticity will also cling to the contours of a chair quite tightly, which will create a smooth and neat appearance. Conversely, a less stretchy cover that is loose in some areas could give a chair a baggy, unkempt appearance, and the loose sections of the cover will also wrinkle faster than the areas that are stretchy tightly across the chair. Furthermore, a chair cover that doesn't have enough stretch to it to cling to the chair might also be more likely to gradually slip off of it, if it's sat on regularly.

They should consider the main reason why they need the replacement chair covers

Those who need replacement covers for their chairs should, before selecting these covers, consider why they need them. If, for example, it's because their family spilt food and drink on the chairs and left them badly stained, then they might want to ensure that their new covers are stain-resistant and in a patterned or dark fabric that will hide any marks that they cannot remove.

If they need these chair covers because the existing chair fabric wore thin too quickly in the areas where they rested their arms or back against the fabric, then they should look for chair covers made of extra-durable fabric, that can cope with friction without fraying. Finally, if a person needs these covers due to the upholstery on their chairs fading as a result of the chairs being in a room that gets lots of sunlight, they should ensure their new replacement covers are either made from a UV-resistant fabric or are in a white or cream shade, so any fading that occurs won't make too much of a difference to their colour. 

To learn more about replacement chair covers, reach out to a retailer.


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