How to Protect Your Floors From Furniture Marks

How to Protect Your Floors From Furniture Marks

Current Trends in Cabinetry and Kitchen Design: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Leslie Fleming

Whether you are contemplating a kitchen remodel for your own convenience or upgrading in anticipation of a future home sale, it is important to understand current trends and how they may impact your kitchen design. Remodeling the kitchen is a big job, and an expensive home improvement project, and knowing the newest trends will help you get the most for your money and the greatest return on your investments.

From the material used in the countertops to the grain and color of the wood, there are dozens of decisions to make when upgrading and updating your kitchen. Whether your home is just a few years old or dates from last century, this is one home improvement project you want to get right.

Color is always an important consideration when choosing new kitchen cabinets and remodeling your cooking space. In recent years, there has been a trend away from dark wood-grained cabinets toward lighter and brighter options.

White and off-white cabinet doors are all the rage these days, and the light-painted look has gained a lot of favor with chefs and home buyers alike. These white cabinet doors are often paired with contrasting hardware, including door pulls in brushed silver, antique brass and copper tones.

If white is not your style, a set of blonde cabinet doors is a good compromise. While not quite white, these light-colored cabinet doors are still brighter and showier than the traditional wood stain look.

This trend toward lighter shades for cabinet doors makes sense, especially given the popularity of equally light shades for kitchen countertops. Whether they choose the timeless beauty of marble and natural stone, the durability of granite or the practicality of butcher block, homeowners can pair their new countertops with cabinet doors in a complimentary or contrasting shade. When taken together, this combination can be quite stunning, and it is just one reason for the popularity of choices like blonde wood with a light grain and off-white painted kitchen cabinet doors.

Practicality is taking center stage when it comes to kitchen design and kitchen cabinetry. Built-in storage is an important part of any kitchen remodeling project, and these days, homeowners are incorporating things like pull-out drawers, built-in dish racks and even bread boxes. Door-mounted storage solutions are still in style as well, as are butcher block and natural stone countertops with inlaid cutting boards.

In addition to a preference for light colored kitchen cabinetry, quality natural stone countertops and practical storage solution, there has also been an evolution away from the traditional kitchen island. While these large center islands are still staples of many a kitchen, a growing number of homeowners are choosing standalone tables with style barstools and modern seating solutions.

These standalone quasi-islands create a cozier dining space and a more practical solution for the modern family. Instead of being tied to a single spot, this unique form of kitchen seating can be moved around and rearranged for large gatherings, family meals and other types of dining.

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen for the first time or updating an existing kitchen design, it is important to look at the current trends and take your cues from those ideas. You do not have to slavishly follow the latest trend, but you can gain inspiration from what other homeowners have chosen for what is arguably the most important room in the house. For more advice, contact a local cabinet maker.


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How to Protect Your Floors From Furniture Marks

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